Eyeshadow Primer

Posted in makeup, product review by tokyostargirl on March 20, 2008

Ok so I know all you makeup ethusiast out there has known about this product for a long long time, but I am aiming to put all good things I know, whether old or new for my friends or random passerbys that aren’t that into makeup.

I have always loved eyeshadows. If you’ve known me for awhile, you would know that I am always willing to try daring, bold colors. I think it’s the most fun/creative part of makeup! So how crazy is it that I never thought I NEEDED an eyeshadow primer? Before I would apply my eyeshadow right onto my eyelid and pray that it wouldn’t crease throughout the day. Well of course it did, it always did – but I never knew there was actually a cure for it. Actually I always thought that it only happened to me. Hahaha – boy was I wrong! So about 8 months ago,  I stumbled across this product (due to great reviews of course):


You put this on first before you put on your eyeshadow, it glides on and creates a smooth surface on your eyelid. You put on your eyeshadow and you will notice that your eyeshadow color is sharper, sticks on easily, and most importantly, doesn’t give you a crease throughout the day! There are a lot of other primers out there that I want to try out, but for now I will certainly say that this is one of my MUST HAVE products.

I don’t know how I survived without it before!

I know for sure you can get this at ULTA and SEPHORA, and probably any department store that has Urban Decay. For all you online shoppers, you can order it online as well. It’s $16.

PS. As great as this product is, the way the bottle is made – it doesn’t allow you to take all the product out (I guess they did that on purpose so you’ll have to buy more). When no more product comes out, what you can do is cut the bottle in half and scoop the rest of the product out and put it in a small container. If you do this, one bottle should last you quite awhile. I haven’t actually tried it yet because I still have some left, but I most definitely will. Don’t let them rip you off! =)


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  1. sweetestcutie said, on March 21, 2008 at 7:29 AM

    hey babe! i stumbled on your site somehow…hehehe i’m actually thinking of putting together a birthday basket of “best make up products” for one of my best friends…and this is definitely in it! 🙂

  2. Vyvian said, on March 21, 2008 at 11:39 AM

    This is the BEST eye primer! Love it. I also like Too Faced Shadow Insurance and MAC’s paint pot in Ochre. They all work well for me. Great review!

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