Chin & Nose

Posted in great tips! by tokyostargirl on May 8, 2008

Hope this helps! I know we all need a little help correcting our chin and nose sometimes – this shows you how by playing with colors you can balance features of your face!

Correcting The Chin And The Nose:

Prominent Chin:This can be corrected by applying dark foundation on the tip of the chin.
Double Chin: This can be corrected by putting a dark foundation on the double chin.
Long Nose: A long nose appears short by applying dark makeup on the tip.
Broad Nose: For a broad nose apply dark foundation along each side of the nose.
Short Nose: To emphasize a short nose apply pale makeup along the top of the nose along its whole length.
Narrow Nose: For a narrow nose apply a bright foundation on each side.
Crooked Nose: For a crooked nose, cover the crooked side with a dark foundation and the opposite side with a light foundation.

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