Girls weekend trip to Austin

Posted in just wanted to share, makeup by tokyostargirl on June 3, 2008

Last weekend Thuy, Melissa, & I decided to have a girls weekend in Austin. It was just a mini getaway, but it was so fabulous! We enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve known these girls since FOREVER and it was great to see that although we’ve all gone down different paths – we’re still together in the end. =)

I did their makeup! It was so much fun.

:: airbrushing Thuy ::

:: Thuys’ after picture ::

:: Melissa’s after picture ::

:: My after picture ::

:: just the 3 of us ::

:: feeling fabulous and ready to conquer the streets of downtown Austin! (in a GOOD way of course) ::


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  1. Sandra said, on June 16, 2008 at 5:13 PM

    You know these pictures look very familiar… almost identical to our pictures this past weekend in Padre… just a small interchange of all your beauty subjects but everything else is constant… Jeannie Tran always hard at work on a weekend vacation! haha Fine work Jeannie!

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