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Posted in product review by tokyostargirl on August 17, 2008

 Bliss’ website says, “Our pathologically popular mammoth minty soap now comes ‘melted’ in this jojoba bead packed peppermint cooling and exfoliating soap scrub paste. Caution: early washes suggest it might be habit foaming. Great as a post-workout wash! So cool, it literally stops you from sweating. The ideal shower scrub for anyone who likes to feel clean to the extreme.”

My take:
This body scrub is like WOW. I have been using it for the past couple of years after being first introduced in NY by my friend Sandira. Actually she didn’t really introduce it to me, per se, she had it in her shower and when I stayed at her place – I tried it out and fell in love. I love anything minty! It exfoliates your skin while giving you that so fresh and so clean clean feel.  Just be careful not to get it close to your girly parts because it will sting just a bit – you know with the minty feel and all. =/
Available at Ulta & Sephora for $30. It’s totally worth it and it lasts a loooooooong time!
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  1. raquel gratis total said, on August 18, 2008 at 3:21 AM

    i use it!! its perfect!

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