60’s Makeup Look

Posted in great tips!, makeup looks by tokyostargirl on September 19, 2008

Tomorrow I will have my first client in Tokyo. She is going to a 60s theme party and wants me to do her makeup for it. Of course I had to get inspiration from Twiggy. She’s a 60’s style icon!

I found this great article that gives you a ‘how to’ for 60’s makeup. Main focus – the EYES! Thought some of you would be interested – just in case you ever want to try a look that goes back in time.



Creating a 60s Eye MakeUp Look:

Step One. Apply an eyeshadow base

It’s essential to apply an eyeshadow base in order to make your eye makeup stay put on for longer and to avoid creasing. The eyeshadow bases (eye primers) are nude shadows or creams that glide on over the eyelid and create a perfect base for the eyeshadow application. A good eyeshadow base will stop your makeup from smudging, streaking and creasing by increasing the lasting-power of the eyeshadows. To apply the shadow base simply dab it on lightly and blend evenly over the entire eyelid using an eyeshadow brush or your fingertips.
If you don’t have an eyeshadow base you can use your foundation or your face powder to create a base. Lightly dust your eyelids with translucent loose powder.

Step Two. Curl your eyelashes

Now is the time to curl your eyelashes. Curling the lashes is a must for a 60s eye look, this way you will open up and emphasize your eyes, making them appear wider, brighter and longer. For this aim use an eyelash curler. Position the curler around your eyelashes and carefully squeeze the edges of the eyelash curler together and hold for a few seconds. First curl the upper lashes and then gently curl the lower lashes to open up your eyes. Be very careful not to damage your lashes.
For a more sophisticated look you can use false eyelashes to plump your eyes and to define your lash line. It’s essential to trim the fake lashes in length and width to suit your eye size. Use a sharp scissors for this aim. Guide the strip lash into position directly under the natural lash line with the help of a tweezers. Position the false lashes slightly above your natural lashes and press the ends into place.

Step Three. Apply eyeliner

You can use liquid eyeliner or eye pencil to line your eyes. Choose eyeliner in black or brow shade for a more sophisticated look. First apply the liner to your upper lash line. Rest the tip of the liner onto the inner corners of the eyes outwards. Gradually make the line thicker in order to create the smoky eye look. Use a flat eyeshadow brush and smudge the line slightly to soften the effect. Don’t forget to outline and your lower lash line, but this time the line shouldn’t be very thick.

Step Four. Apply the eyeshadows

To create a 60s eye look choose darker shadows black, brown, gray, coffee shades. First apply the lightest color over the entire eyelid using a brush. Make sure you have applied the color evenly because it will act as a base for the other colors. Sweep it from the lash line to the browbone. Next apply the second color (the brighter shade) along the socket and the outer corners of the eyelids to create definition and contour. If you want to use third color apply it only to the corners of the eyes with the help of a cotton bud for a more precise application. Make sure you have applied the eyeshadows evenly and that the colors suit each one. If there are any hard lines use a brush to blend the shadows together.

Step Five. Apply mascara

Applying dark mascara is a must for a 60s eye look. Look for black or brown waterproof mascara that adds volume to the lashes. Apply two or three coats of mascara to the upper lashes and then apply one coat to the lower lashes too to open up your eyes. First apply a thin coat, lit it dry and then build up with a second coat of mascara. When applying mascara to the lower lashes, gently brush the tip of the wand across them. At the end comb the lashes to separate the hairs and to remove the excess mascara.

article can be found here.


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  1. Jessica Dee said, on September 20, 2008 at 9:18 AM

    I love the mod look. LOL it’s funny I was just looking for twiggy pictures to emmulate for a FOTD xP

  2. jeSMakeup said, on September 20, 2008 at 1:14 PM

    those back in the day looks are awesome… i think american’s next top model does that a lot

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