Bridal Beauty Secrets

Posted in great tips! by tokyostargirl on October 1, 2008

Lately so many of my girlfriends have been getting married so when I read this article – I knew it was too good not to share. Hope it helps some of you who haven’t walked down the aisle yet! 

1. Fix an eye makeup mishap.
Be extra careful — once you’ve already smudged, you don’t want to make it worse or you’ll have to start all over again from scratch. Scott Miselnicky, executive director of global product development at Clinique, suggests wetting a Q-tip with makeup remover and gently dabbing at the mistake until it’s completely gone. Go slowly so you don’t take off too much!

2. Avoid Shirley Temple curls.
Pageant-perfect curls are a bride’s worst nightmare. For a natural look, wrap a section of hair around the outside of the barrel and hold for three seconds. Release and let cool, then lightly run your fingers through your hair. And don’t forget — vary the size of your curls, and switch up the direction in which you wrap them.

3. Fake a great pair of cheekbones.
“If you’re face is roundish, shading lightly can work wonders!” says Lucy Baldock-Sacchi, international makeup artist and founder of Lucy B. Cosmetics. She suggests using a matte bronzer just below your cheekbones, then following up with a pink or peach blush on the apples of your cheeks. To tone it down, skip the bronzer and use a hint of shimmer on the highest point of your cheekbones.

4. Flatter your face.
When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, all of our experts emphasize that your look needs to harmonize with your gown. Also, make sure to choose a style that will bring out your best feature, explains Jamal Hammadi, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Hamadi Beauty. “For an updo, placing the style between the top of your ear and the top of your eye (like a high ponytail) will enhance the shape of your eyes, while placing it lower (like a chignon) will put the focus more on your lips and neck,” he says.

5. Stave off a breakout.
Right before the wedding is not the time to try out a new skincare regimen. No matter how tired you are, make sure you stick to your cleansing schedule and remove your makeup before you go to bed! If you really need more ammo, try a mask with salicylic acid.

6. Apply perfect foundation.
It only takes two tools to do this right: a quality brush and a makeup sponge. The brush will give you coverage, while the sponge will blend away any streaks or remove excess buildup.

7. Pull off a bold lip color.
Lots of brides like to amp up their look for the reception, and a deeper lip hue is a great way to do it. “Using a brighter lip color will always make your teeth look whiter; a big plus on your wedding day!” says Stila makeup artist Sarah Lucero. Keep all the rest of your face relatively neutral, and your eye makeup soft — not severe. “Also, make sure your cheek and lip colors are in the same color family,” she says.

8. Get voluminous locks.
Even if you’re not going with a curly style, a curling iron or rollers should be in your repertoire. “Blow out your hair with a round brush for body, then follow up with a curling iron all over,” explains Edward Tricomi, co-owner of Warren-Tricomi Salons.

9. Apply alluring eye shadow.
Eye shadow color trios and quads can be difficult to decode: How do you know where to use each shade? According to Baldock-Sacchi, it’s perfectly fine to break the rules and experiment. If you want your eyes to look wider, she recommends using the lightest shade on the inner corner to give your peepers a more open look. Shimmering shades can be used all over and look amazing layered over color. The darker shades should be used for contouring in the crease or the center of the lid.

10. Keep your lipstick on your lips.
Miselnicky suggests applying a small amount of vaseline on to your teeth to keep lipstick from winding up on your teeth. “Also, gently blot your lipstick with a tissue after you have applied it to remove any excess,” he says. “Believe me, the groom will be happy!”

11. Fight the frizzies.
“Always try to wash and rinse your hair with cool water, which will help maintain its natural moisture and prevent your hair from drying out,” Hammadi says. Follow it up with a frizz-fighting product that will boost your protection level.

12. Make mascara run-proof.
Waterproof mascara is a wedding day must-have. “I use waterproof on everyone involved in the wedding party because you never know who will tear up!” Lucero says. For lower lashes, she recommends applying mascara with a flat eyeliner brush rather than the mascara wand. “This trick prevents smearing under your eyes, which can make you look tired,” she explains.

13. Boast a beautiful decolletage.
You want your chest and shoulders to have clear, glowing skin — especially if you’re wearing a strapless gown. Debbie D’Aquino, vice president of global product development at Clinique, recommends wearing clothing that breathes and keeps perspiration from building up on your skin (this goes double for workout wear). Cleanse with a treatment that includes salicylic acid. We love ones that come in spray bottles because it’s so much easier to apply to the back.

14. Prevent dark under-eye circles.
It might be tough, but Diane Berson, M.D., says it’s key that you get plenty of sleep (and not just the night before the wedding). “Sleep with your head elevated on a pillow to reduce puffiness, and try not to rub your eyes,” she says. It’s also a good idea to use an eye cream that brightens as well as hydrates.

15. Touch up your makeup.
You may not have time to redo your makeup before the reception starts, but you should give yourself a quick once-over in order to make sure you stay looking great (after all, nearly every second of the reception will be photographed!). Makeup expert Francis Roman of Butterfly Studio says to skip blush (which should last just fine) and your eyelids (too risky). Instead, apply another layer of lip color, and blot your T-zone with an oil-removing paper. Then run a makeup sponge or a Q-tip beneath your lower lashes to remove any mascara or eye shadow that may have smudged or fallen beneath them, and you’re good to go.

by Kate Wood

article can be found here.


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  1. jesmakeup said, on October 2, 2008 at 8:54 PM

    i saw this wen i was loggin on to my hotmail… interesting tips huh

  2. ms. lian said, on October 5, 2008 at 12:56 AM

    ahh! i love this entry! i totally copied and saved it into a word doc for myself! you are awesome!

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