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Posted in beauty products, fotd (face of the day), makeup by tokyostargirl on November 7, 2009

The other day I tried to see what I look I could do with minimal products – I ended up choosing these 4 products.


on lips: mark. gloss blossom – it goes on clear, but is supposed to react with your body chemistry to develop your own customized shade, (hello? anybody remember MOOD LIPSTICKS? omg – I used to LOVE those!) – supposed it really does create a different color on everyone’s lips. the texture is a bit stickier than I would like (though most lipglosses are) and the staying power wasn’t great, but it is fun to try since it’s supposed to be the ‘perfect’ color on everyone. I guess my color is clear (maybe I was having a bad day? who knows.)

on eyes: sephora eyeshadow to fill in eyebrows, maquillage by shiseido eyelash curler

face: face atelier ultra sheer in peach – according to the face atelier site, it says “silicone-based Ultra Sheer is magic in a bottle. hydrating yet oil-free, add it to ultra foundation to subtly alter its hue, or use it over ultra foundation to hightlight. apply it over your moisturizer for a diaphanous finish that floats on your skin as it luminates. it’s a blush. it’s a bronzer.”   I bought a sample of this and used it on my cheeks to give me a sheer finish. Though it was neat to use, I won’t be buying a full bottle because I didn’t like the texture of it, a bit too sticky to be putting on my cheeks. Maybe if I would have mixed it in foundation instead of using it on its own – it would have been less sticky.



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  1. blovetbeauty said, on November 8, 2009 at 4:47 AM

    I’m such a fan of sephora eyeshadows!! U look lovely girl!

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