father’s office

Posted in fotd (face of the day), introduction to places by tokyostargirl on December 14, 2009

Went to the much talked about “Father’s Office” in Culver City. Many of my friends as well as yelpers have called this bar a place where they serve the “best burgers in the world.” I’ll have to say.. although they were indeed GOOD (and possibly the best for a bar) — they weren’t the best in the world. I would, though — go back again. Nothing, and I mean nothing can beat Kua’Aina burgers in Tokyo (haven’t had them in Hawaii yet, but I’m sure they are even better there).


my fotd

more like a sandwich than a burger… with blue cheese goodness

margaret & jennifer

texas girls @ father’s office.

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  1. Katy said, on December 15, 2009 at 4:08 AM

    Love your FOTD. I’m jealous of girls who can rock single eyelids.. I have single eyelids but always fake the double because my eyes look really dull and sleepy. =(

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