smoke & dirt

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Photographer: Max Hoell @

Model: Brandi Bondoc with LA Models

Makeup & Hair: Jeannie @

Video Lookbook

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Director: Marcin Teodoru

Model: Beverly Barnes

Makeup & Hair: Jeannie Tran

Location: Malibu, CA

Alice in Wonderland

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Makeup Artist & Photographer – Jeannie Tran

Designer – Tai Collins & Celes of Sassi Rebel

Location – Hollywood Dance Center [Hollywood, CA]

Date – 10.23.10


Jai Lauren as ALICE

Alice                                      vs                                   Malice


Alexis as a FLOWER


Sunny as STAYNE


for more photos, go here.


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Photographer: Jean-Claude

Model: Jennipher Foster

Hair & Makeup: Jeannie Tran

Location: Westwood [Los Angeles, CA]

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LA Fashion Week

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Last night I got to be a part of LA Fashion Week – the show took place at Siren Studios in the heart of Hollywood. I worked on 6 girls who modeled for 2 different lines. Below is my take on the makeup looks the designers wanted.



LOOK: thick eyebrows, black smokey eyes, light blush, & nude lips



LOOK: colored smokey eyes, slight winged liner, light blush, & natural lips


Designer, Via w/her models (I did 3 of the girls’ makeup)

Hairstylist, Diana & Makeup Artist, Jeannie (me!)

Hello Art, Meet Fashion

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date.  10.09.10

location. J Lounge in DTLA

hosted by. Blended Events

mua. Jeannie Tran

sponsored by. wet ‘n’ wild cosmetics


Autoshop Photoshoot

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I met Jimmy on a shoot awhile back and we always talked about collaborating again. Months later, we finally did it – and it was FANfReakiNgTABLOUS! He came up with the concept and wanted to shoot as his dad’s auto shop, he got us together — and organized everything. He was AMAZING! This shoot really put me on a high – our 8 hour work day paid off! =)

Another shoot is in the works…  wait for it!


Photographer: Jimmy Joe

Makeup Artists: Jeannie Tran & Krysten Clark

Hairstylist: Diana Lomelin

Location: Maldonado’s Auto Body Shop, Los Angeles, CA


click below for BEHiND THE SCENES



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:: on set at a lookbook video shoot with CircleFilms ::

Location: Topanga Canyon State Park

photo © Liza Lemsatef Cunningham 2010

Jean-Claude Photography

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The other day I posted some before/after photos that I took of Sarah as I was waiting for the pro photos by Jean-Claude to come in – well here they are! Images from the 3 different looks that I did on her.

save my feet!

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I’ve used this Band-Aid Friction Block a few times — the first being at my girl Roz’ wedding where I was a bridesmaid. We all know bridesmaid shoes aren’t always the most comfortable – or even close! One of the other ‘maids saved the day when she gave me this. I put a little here and there where I thought there would be excessive friction (where the straps lay in this case) and cause blisters — the Friction Block really prevented me from getting blisters! My feet are extra sensitive, so I still got blisters, but I know it could have been worse.

I saw it the other day at CVS on sale so I snagged one for my makeup kit – you never know when an actor/model/bride might be in need. Thought I might as well let you all in on this great product since I KNOW we girls deal with blisters! The best thing is, it’s tiny – so it will fit easily in your purse for a night on the town.

It does what it says it will: Instantly reduces rubbing on skin, forms an invisible barrier, and provides an easy, non-messy application.

You can find it at your local drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid), Target, Walmart, etc.

tokyostargirl gives Band-Aid Friction Block 5/5******


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Photographer: Jean-Claude, Model: Sarah, and Makeup & Hair: Jeannie (me)

got together and did a photoshoot – these photos are just before/after photos taken by me, the photos taken by Jean-Claude will be posted as soon as I get them. Jean-Claude and I have been talking about getting together to shoot for awhile and we finally had the chance! Sarah drove almost 2 hours to get to us, but Jean-Claude is THAT good – so it’s worth it. =) We shot different looks in his home studio and was ready to head towards the beach for some outside shots, but the weather took a turn and we had to cancel that part. =( Here’s just a teaser of the different looks that we shot…




Look #1 – Makeup: Soft & Natural to bring out all features

Hair: Naturally straight

Look #2 – Makeup: Slightly darker eye, darker lip – up a notch

Hair: Naturally straight w/a lil bit of product to smoothen it out

Look #3 – Makeup: teal eyeliner to bring out her eyes, lighter lip, peach blush

Hair – Soft curls

Bollywood meets Hollywood

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Last night I got to be a part of a Bollywood meets Hollywood fundraising event. It was a night of fun and craziness – too bad I couldn’t stay for the whole thing. The bf’s parents are in town and we had a birthday dinner for his dad last night – so I had to jet out of the event as soon as I finished. Worked on 6 girls in 3 hours – not bad considering the details!

❤ my job.

Photos by me & Nelson Shen

jan’s wedding

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Bride: Jan

Makeup Artist: Jeannie

Location: Grand Del Mar – San Diego, CA


The gorgeous bride, Jan

Bridesmaid: Sonal

Bridesmaid: Tracey

Maid of Honor: Tiffany


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Diana and I met on a photoshoot gig with a modeling agency that we both work with (she’s the Hairstylist & I’m the Makeup Artist). We wanted to collaborate for a photoshoot and had so many things planned and in the end, traffic got the best of us. We didn’t give up though, instead we had the fastest photoshoot ever. We were fighting against nature (and the sun) — did 4 looks in 1 hour! We were both running around like crazy women and had people staring at us from all angles. It was fun! =)

Model, Hair, & Makeup by Diana L.
Hot pink lips & Photography by Jeannie Tran

Location: Stoner Park in West LA

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extra, extra

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My first time being a “real” extra. I’ve been extras in the movies that I did makeup for, but never went on set JUST to be an extra.  It was for a commercial for LA Tourism and was shot at Universal Studios. They fed us AND gave us alcohol (which I didn’t drink anyway – I’m allergic, go figure). We had a freaking blast! I wish all extra work could be that easy and fun!

my fotd (face of the day)

on set.

to seize the opportunity, melissa & i decided to have our own little photoshoot. =)

walking off the red carpet, candid shot.