Bollywood meets Hollywood

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Last night I got to be a part of a Bollywood meets Hollywood fundraising event. It was a night of fun and craziness – too bad I couldn’t stay for the whole thing. The bf’s parents are in town and we had a birthday dinner for his dad last night – so I had to jet out of the event as soon as I finished. Worked on 6 girls in 3 hours – not bad considering the details!

❤ my job.

Photos by me & Nelson Shen


jan’s wedding

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Bride: Jan

Makeup Artist: Jeannie

Location: Grand Del Mar – San Diego, CA


The gorgeous bride, Jan

Bridesmaid: Sonal

Bridesmaid: Tracey

Maid of Honor: Tiffany


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1) bare faced – absolutely no makeup.

2) after full faced makeup, minus lips, hair half way up.

3) change of lighting, added lip color, hair down.

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I went back to Juan Juan Salon in Brentwood to see my favorite girl, Jean. My hair was starting to grow out and I wanted to take some weight off the top. I’m one of those “lucky” girls who has TOO much hair. It’s so funny, every time I see a hairstylist – the first thing they say after they touch my hair is “Wow, you have a lot of hair.” It’s really short now, and even shorter underneath (what you can’t see), but I like it. I’m excited to see what all I can do with it and even more excited to see how great it’ll grow out to look. Once again, Jean did an awesome job – I’m going to miss her when she moves over to the Beverly Hills location!

In the dressing room after putting on my robe, my “before” pic.

The fabulous Jean & me right after she finished my cut.

Juan Juan Salon in LA

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I got my hair cut at Juan Juan Salon in Brentwood today by an extremely charming girl named Jean. It was easy to remember her name because it’s like mine, but shorter. =) She is so passionate about all aspects of hair and her job – she is really easy to talk to and really made me enjoy my time in the chair.  I really trusted her to give me the best look for my face, while keeping most of my length.

With the help and expertise of the salon owner, Sean, she helped create a look that I love and really is perfect for my face. Thanks so much, Jean! Now I want to wear my hair down instead of tying it up all the time.

What do you think?

Copy of IMG_3882

Copy of IMG_3924 Copy of IMG_3859

makeovers – linda, linlin, melissa, & thuy

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before                                                                                                             after

DSC_5369-1-2 DSC_5403-11-2

Luminous Linda

DSC_5455-19-2 DSC_5485-30-2

Lovely Linlin

DSC_5511-35-2 DSC_5524-40-2

Melodic Melissa

DSC_4168-57-2 DSC_4177-61-2

Talented Thuy

makeovers – sandra, jeannie, & danielle

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Before I left for LA – I teamed up with my bff dru for some photoshoot sessions. I wanted to do ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics for my new makeup website that is in the works. I had 7 friends that graciously volunteered to be my models. Thanks girls! Here are 3 of the girls – stay tuned for the next 4.

before                                                                                                        after

DSC_3913-3-2 DSC_3973-13-2

Sweet Sandra

DSC_3646-1-2 DSC_3701-8-2

Jovial Jeannie

DSC_4015-3-2 DSC_4044-14-2

Dainty Danielle

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