Caruso Steam Rollers Review

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A couple weeks ago I asked for suggestions on the best hot rollers – some of my gfs suggested this:

I read up on the reviews online and majority were positive so I went for it. =)

Description taken from the Sally Beauty site

  • Includes 30 soft foam rollers in assorted sizes:
  • – 6 Petite Rollers
  • – 6 Small Rollers
  • – 6 Medium Rollers
  • – 6 Large Rollers
  • – Comb clips
  • – Styling guide
  • Exclusive Molecular Steam Haircare System – No salt required!
  • Non damaging steam conditions as it curls
  • Set curls in 5-10 minutes
  • Achieves the 30 second curl™ by blow drying hair first to evaporate moisture
  • Creates perfect spiral curls & waves

“The Caruso SalonPro 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter uses a revolutionary steam process to deliver long lasting voluminous curls while keeping hair shiny and static-free. The SalonPro features 30 rollers in 5 assorted sizes provide complete styling versatility for creating any of today’s hair styles, and non-damaging steam conditions the hair as it locks in curls. Caruso SalonPro 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter is great for all hair types, and will help you create healthy, strong, beautiful curls with added body and shine.

Soft foam rollers are infused with gentle steamed moisture. Hair is then wrapped on the infused roller and covered with a shield. The Patented roller and shield design creates even moisture penetration and allows airflow for quick evaporation, or speed the process with a hair dryer. Gentle moisture penetrates the hair’s molecular core allowing it to relax and bend. As moisture evaporates, hair is set in curled position. The molecular hold is so strong, it can only be released by shampooing.

Curls last for days and is great for all types of hair!”

MY REVIEW: It was fairly easy to use, although I felt that the foam part was cheaply made and could only imagine that after being used a lot, it would fall apart (you can get replacements for them, though). I bought distilled water and poured it to the line indicated and as soon as I plugged it in, the steam starting coming. I felt that it was a bit inconvenient since I had to steam one roll at a time. I only put it onto the steam for a few seconds and it was ready to go. It didn’t get THAT hot, so I never burned my fingers – thank goodness!

If I bought this for myself – I think it’s a good buy: easy enough to use and doesn’t damage your hair – creates great curls. The price is reasonable and fairly easy to purchase – either online at or any Sally Beauty Supply store. Since I bought it for my hair kit – when on set, I won’t have enough time to put each roller on the steamer and it would be troublesome to have to lug around distilled water for it. Too bad, because it is really light and could have easily fit in my hair bag.

tokyostargirl gives the Caruso Professional Pro-Set Steam Roller 4/5 stars. *


My hair BEFORE – please don’t judge my dry hair.

I started rolling at the bottom and made my way up throughout my whole head.


save my feet!

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I’ve used this Band-Aid Friction Block a few times — the first being at my girl Roz’ wedding where I was a bridesmaid. We all know bridesmaid shoes aren’t always the most comfortable – or even close! One of the other ‘maids saved the day when she gave me this. I put a little here and there where I thought there would be excessive friction (where the straps lay in this case) and cause blisters — the Friction Block really prevented me from getting blisters! My feet are extra sensitive, so I still got blisters, but I know it could have been worse.

I saw it the other day at CVS on sale so I snagged one for my makeup kit – you never know when an actor/model/bride might be in need. Thought I might as well let you all in on this great product since I KNOW we girls deal with blisters! The best thing is, it’s tiny – so it will fit easily in your purse for a night on the town.

It does what it says it will: Instantly reduces rubbing on skin, forms an invisible barrier, and provides an easy, non-messy application.

You can find it at your local drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid), Target, Walmart, etc.

tokyostargirl gives Band-Aid Friction Block 5/5******


I wanted to do something bold with my makeup for my birthday this year… celebrating my last year in my 20’s… ahhh – I can’t believe it! At least I still have enough guts to paint my face like this and go in public.. =)

Lips: mixed OCC lip tars – Anime, Feathered, & Rx together to create this beautiful purple

Lip tars are the BOMB – I LOVE them! They stay on and look so smooth on and you can play around with the colors. I have about 8 of them, mostly in the primary colors, but with those – I can create all different shades. You can purchase them here for $12.50 each. The tubs are .27 fl oz, but will last forever.

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner Review

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in Bold Brown

LOVE these eyeliners! I have the black and brown one and they glide on so smooth, no tugging involved! They are a really good deal for a drugstore eyeliner. It provides a nice thick line, so if you’re looking for something thin, using a liquid eyeliner would be better. They last all day on the upper lid, but fade if you put it on your waterline (though NOTHING seems to stay on my waterline – so it could just be me). The only thing is, because it glides on so smoothly, you will have to sharpen it quite often – so that could get annoying. Other than that, the price is good & the quality is superb — what more can you ask for?

I don’t use it everyday because I don’t like the thick eyeliner look all the time, but on days that I do — this is my go to eyeliner. The “bold brown” is a dark brown that could pass as a light black, if you want something more intense, the “deepest black” one is good, too.

You can find these at Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and other stores that carry Prestige for $5-$6.

tokyostargirl gives this 5/5*****

EL Double Wear Review

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Before                                                                                                               After

*click on photo to get a larger view*

1. clean face with no makeup

2. with Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation only

3. face with full makeup

fACE: Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation (4CL Suede)

REVIEW: LOVE this foundation! I’ve heard a lot about it, but didn’t want to dish out the $33.50 for it unless I knew it was a keeper. The other day while walking around the mall, I decided to stop by the EL counter and score me a sample. I got matched with 4CL Suede and it’s perfect — blends into my skin so nicely. It evens out my skin tone and gives me a ‘flawless’ finish. I didn’t even have to wear concealer since the foundation covered all my blemishes well enough. I love the long wear on it, at the end of the day – it still looks the same. The only problem is taking it off, you really have to clean, clean, clean. I use a makeup wipe first to get off as much as I can, then I use my daily face wash. Afterwards I use witch hazel to take off any remains. I usually do this with my other foundations as well, but I just have to scrub a little harder with this one. I haven’t used up my sample yet, but once I do – I really think I’ll have to invest in this!

eYES:  e.l.f. eyebrow kit (light) – fill in brows, curl lashes, Avon washoff mascara, MAC paint pot (Painterly) all over lid

cHEEKS: MAC “Prim & Proper” (Liberty of London collection) blush

LiPS:  Jordana lipliner in “Rust” & CO Bigelow lipgloss in “Magenta Mint”

hai flat iron review

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My hair has always been naturally wavy – and although you may think that is a good thing – you have to know that it’s not the GOOD kind of wavy, it’s the kind that just does what it wants, in every direction. Even when I have long hair, I have to tie it back b/c the crazy waves bothered me so much. I’ve gotten my hair straightened 5 times, in 5 different countries and the next day it looked exactly the same as it did without the straight perm. UNBELIEVABLE! So needless to say, I gave up on that idea.

I read a lot of great reviews about this Hai Convertable Ceramic Straightener and figured I should give it a try. Though it does not make my hair stick straight, it does a good job at taking out the wave FUNK that I have going on. It heats up quickly – in about 30 seconds. It’s easy to handle and fast, given my hair is on the shorter side at the moment. It takes me about 2 minutes to get it straightened to my liking and lasts most of the day (given I put in a little product after). Once my hair gets longer, I’m trusting that it will still do a good job – that will be the true test so I’ll definitely update when the time comes.

I got it for $75 at This is what it features (taken from their website):

Product Features:

*Sapphire ceramic plates are unmatched for equal heat distribution.
*New Infra Red Heat technology seals in hair’s moisture and luster.
*Faster heat-up time than conventional coil straightening irons – It will rise to the desired temperature in less than 25 seconds from being turned on. Therefore, to save electricity and prolong lifespan, it should be turned off between uses with the Off-On switch located on the temperature control thermostat. It still saves half the time of conventional models.
*Hotter and more consistent heat at all adjustable temperature settings.
*Variable temperature settings (170oF – 390oF, 60oC – 200oC) for all hair types. For bleached, fragile, damaged and fine hair, the lower setting is advised. For normal hair and regular use, a middle range is recommended. For coarse, thick, ethnic and resistant hair in healthy condition, maximum heat on high setting is used to save time and effort.
*Ergonomic design is easier to press, hold, mold, twirl and curl hair.
*1″ width for added control, ideal for short to medium length hair.
*Voltage: 120V 60Hz for use in US/Canada.
*One-year limited warranty.


All photos were taken by me.



tokyostargirl gives this HAI FLAT IRON 5/5 stars *****

dove frizz control review

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I’ve been using this for a few years now and love it. My hair goes all kinds of crazy if I don’t put something on to ‘tame’ it. I don’t like junk in my hair (that makes it sticky) so when I found this (by accident) I knew that it was something I’d use for years (and I’m right). It’s so smooth and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It doesn’t work magic, but it does put all my baby hairs in place – which means a lot since my baby hairs are all over the place.

Diagnosis: rebellious, unmanageable frizz prone hair (that’s me!)

Solution: Frizz Control Therapy System

– repairs and smoothes the uplifted cuticles responsible for rebellious frizz and misbehaving hair

– protects hair from frizzing in damp, humid weather

– leaves hair easy to manage, with improved texture, and resilient to frizz

Ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Dimethicone Copolyol, Cetyl Dimethicone Copolyol, CMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance, VP/Dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate Copolymer, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

DIRECTIONS: Use daily on damp or dry hair. Disperse into hands and work evenly through hair.

You can buy this at most drugstores, Walmart, Target, and even grocery stores for $4-5 (totally bargain!)

tokyostargirl gives this 5/5 stars *****

best contact solution

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Asahi Kasei LENS COAT

This is seriously the best contact solution I have ever used – and I’ve used almost all the ones that are out there. I know all my optometrist friends will *gasp* at finding out that I wear DAILY contacts for up to a MONTH. =/ Before, I could hardly wear them for a week because the contact solutions that I’ve used (ReNu, Clear Care, Complete, Opti-Free, Walmart brand, Target brand, etc.) never cleaned my contacts in a way where they felt ‘new.’ When I moved back to Japan last year, my friend Ai introduced me to this solution and told me it’s the best she’s tried (and she’s tried most of the Japanese brands). I gave it a shot and WOW, LOVE. So I know I’m not supposed to wear daily contacts for more than a day, but with this solution, the contacts feel clean and fresh like they’ve just been opened. I’ve been doing it for awhile now and my eyes haven’t worsened any (knock on wood). I’m not saying you should wear your daily contacts for as long as I do, but if you’re looking for a solution that really gives you that clean feeling, then I totally suggest this. Until I get lasik, I won’t use anything else!

You can buy it at any drugstore/grocery store in Japan for about $12-15 for a 500ml bottle.

tokyostargirl gives this 5/5 stars*****

makeup wipes review

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You can get these at any drugstore in Japan and also at any Japanese supermarket in LA. These are the only places that I’ve bought them, but I’m sure they have them elsewhere as well. These are perfect to travel with since the pack is so small. They don’t have a strong smell and get most of my makeup off, though most of the time – I need 2 sheets depending on how much makeup I have on. You do have to work a little harder to get waterproof mascara off since it doesn’t glide off easily. There are about 4 different types, but I’ve only use the orange and blue pack. They go for about $5-7 a pack.

tokyostargirl gives these 4.5/5 stars ****

goody mini claw clips

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LOVE these mini claw clips! My hair is so thick that these used to never work on me. When I bought claw clips, I had to buy the bigger ones and even then – it barely held my hair up. Since my hair cut, my hair is a lot lighter and thinned out so now these are perfect!

I bought these at Walmart for less than $3.00.

tokyostargirl gives these 5/5 stars*****

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Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush

It’s always great when you find something good on the cheap. Especially when you can easily get it from your local Target.  I’ve been reading about this particular brush online lately and it’s been getting some awesome reviews so I knew I had to try it out for myself.  I know this brush was intended for blush application, but I decided to apply foundation with it instead because I read that it gives you an airbrushed look – boy did it ever! I can also tell you that I used a drug store foundation (which I love btw) and this brush helped my application looked flawless. I am very pleased and will be trying it with my cream blushes soon. I have faith that I will love the outcome just as much or even more.

1) great value

2) washes easily and doesn’t shed

3)comes in awesome hard case

4) can use it multiple ways, doesn’t pick up too much product

5) easily obtainable

You can buy it at your local Target or online here for $14.99 (you can also look at the 5 star reviews on there)

tokyostargirl gives this brush 5/5 stars*****

PS. If you already have this brush or are rushing out to buy it, let me know what you think!

foundation: Sally Hansen natural beauty, inspired by Carmindy in “sandy beige”

applied with: Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat blusher brush, total time = less than 2 min

smashbox & goodies from japan

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1) Lash DNA Mascara in Jet Black $19 – so far, so good – nothing extraordinary though, 2) Lipgloss in Mood $11.25 – works, but not as good as I imagined – such a small tube!, 3) Photo Finish Light Sample – haven’t tried it yet, 4) Photo Finish Foundation Primer Sample – the first foundation primers I ever used, still love it, 5) Proof Cream Eye Liner Palette $32 – it’s alright, but not as good as the individual pots

My friend, Rika, sent this care package to me for the holidays. Oh how I LOVE snail mail. Everything in it is so well thought out and SO me! =) Thanks, Rika!!!!! Miss you.

Garnier Nutri-Pure Scrub Review

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What’s written: Scrub with purifying “dermatological-nutrients,” polishes away dullnss, leaving skin smooth and pure.

How is it different?: Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure is our 1st microbead scrub with a unique combination of “dermatological-nutrients,” that gently exfoliates and detoxifies surface-cells.

Ingredients: Vitamin E + Grape Extract (anti-oxidant to help detoxify), Vitamin B5 (infuses skin with moisture, to prevent overdrying), Green Leaf Extract (naturally soothes and refreshes)

How do I use it?: Moisten hands and face. Squeese cream scrub into hands and gently massage onto face. Rinse with water. Avoid eye area.

* Dermatologist tested for safety

* Oil-free

*Non comedogenic – won’t clog pores, gentle to skin

* Allergy tested


I’ve been using this for awhile – about 6 months off and on. I squeeze a small amount onto my hand and massage it onto my moistened face (I usually use this in the shower) with my fingertips, I massage it all round my face for a good minute while letting the microbeads do its job, then rinse. With facial scrubs, it is important to be diligent about rinsing it off, take time to make sure that you have removed all of the scrub, a quick and light splash of water won’t do.

Afterwards my skin feels refreshed & squeeky clean. It does leave my skin feeling moisturized, not dry and tight.  I am really picky about the scent of products and although this one has a pretty strong smell (you might not think so – I have a sensitive nose), I really enjoy the fruity scent that it has on days when I need a pick me up.

Although I really like this scrub, it doesn’t scream HG (holy grail) to me. Since I have a lot of other scrubs I still need to try, I probably won’t be buying it again for awhile. If you aren’t currently using a scrub – you should! They really help soothen your skin.  If you are looking for a scrub, I do think this one is worth a try!

$5.99 – can be found at your local drugstore (CVS, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid), Walmart, Target, etc.

tokyostargirl gives this product a 4/5 stars****

best sunscreen – banila co

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Sun damage alters the way your skin looks and feels. You do not want to start looking older before you have to! When I talk to people who are older and ask them about their beauty advice – they always tell me to wear sunscreen! They all say that they wish they would have started wearing it at an earlier age to protect themselves from UV rays.

UV rays are an undetectable form of radiation that is emitted by the sun. There are two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB. UVA reays penetrate deep into the skin and are the major source of early aging and skin cancer. UVB rays primarily access the surface of the skin and are the key source of sunburns.  credit

Can you believe it? You are exposed to harmful UV rays in your daily life – walking, driving, or even sitting near a window! It’s called secondary exposure and occurs when you least expect it. That’s why people tell you that you should always wear sunscreen – even when it’s cloudy out.

Finding a good sunscreen was always the hardest thing for me.  I really don’t like the smell of typical sunscreen so that was where I was pickiest! I needed it to have just the right texture, thick enough so I could feel protected, but not too thick where I felt it weighing down my face all day, the right smell, and enough SPF – now that is hard! Luckily for me, while in Korea a couple years ago – I FINALLY found my HG (holy grail) sunscreen and it was all by chance! I had heard good things about a brand in Korea called Banila Co. While I was browsing around the store, I happen to come across the sunscreen and decided to try it out. Little did I know that I would LOVE it! It has enough SPF 50+ protection, it smells great (remember I’m picky!), and it has the perfect texture (you’ll feel comfortable wearing it all year long). I absolutely love this and will always make sure I have a tube in my makeup bag at all times. I sincerely believe it’s the best sunscreen out there! =)

Not sure if you can get it online, but if you happen to go to Korea or have a friend there – make sure you ask them to pick you up one – it’s the best!

tokyostargirl gives this sunscreen 5 stars*****!

Revlon Fantasy Lengths


These are the products/brushes that I used for this look. Product on top, applied with on bottom. Started with Banila’s SPF moisturizer all over face, then Sally Hansen/Carmindy foundation applied with the beauty blender sponge, NYX concealer in a jar to conceal all blemishes, Sephora duo eyeshadow – dark brown to fill in brows, MAC paintpot in ‘painterly’ all over the lid, highlight brow with Ten Beauty’s “sand,” lipliner & CO Bigelow minty lipgloss, Canmake’s multi colored blusher, Prestige liquid eyeliner, MAC shadow in “earthly riches” & Revlon Fantasy Lashes in “intensifying”

IMG_2724 IMG_2728 IMG_2742

1) fresh face  w/moisturizer                                       2) foundation                                           3) eyebrows filled

IMG_2758 IMG_2776 IMG_2794

4) all over shadow                                           5) with gloss                                                    6) add blusher

IMG_2805 IMG_2808

Revlon sent me these eyelashes to try. The pair I tried were the Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes (self-adhesive) – I was weary about using self-adhesive lashes because I just feel that it won’t stick on as well as when you glue them on, but I figured I’d try anyway. The cool thing is that this pack came with a little plastic eyelash applicator which helped in keeping the lashes down and as close to the lash line as possible. The instructions are easy to read and wasy to follow. The lashes are even clearly marked with “L” and “R” so you know which lash goes on your left and which one goes on your right (there is a difference!) The shorter end of the lashes should follow the inner corners of your eyes because that is where your lashes are shortest and the longer end matches up with the outer corner because you want that long, voluptuous look.

I wore these lashes for about 5-6 hours and they stayed on fine, just a bit of the inner corner came up and bothered me for a few seconds, but I was able to quickly stick it back on.

The cool thing is, it comes with an extra adhesive that you can stick your lashes onto easily so you can wear them twice for sure! I’m thinking that if you take good enough care of them (and don’t put mascara) on them then you could try it for a 3rd time without adhesive, but with glue instead. That’s not recommended by Revlon, but hey it doesn’t hurt to try to stretch it out for another use!

tokyostargirl gives this product 4.9/5 stars****

IMG_2811 IMG_2822

Revlon Fantasy lashes applied alone (with no eyeliner)

IMG_2860 IMG_2829

applied with eyeliner to fill in the spaces – also used an eyelash curler to blend together my real lashes and fake ones


close up shot


makeup look complete!

IMG_2908 IMG_2901

dress: shop in taiwan, jacket: h&m, tights: shop in tokyo, boots: kangol