Autoshop Photoshoot

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I met Jimmy on a shoot awhile back and we always talked about collaborating again. Months later, we finally did it – and it was FANfReakiNgTABLOUS! He came up with the concept and wanted to shoot as his dad’s auto shop, he got us together — and organized everything. He was AMAZING! This shoot really put me on a high – our 8 hour work day paid off! =)

Another shoot is in the works…  wait for it!


Photographer: Jimmy Joe

Makeup Artists: Jeannie Tran & Krysten Clark

Hairstylist: Diana Lomelin

Location: Maldonado’s Auto Body Shop, Los Angeles, CA


click below for BEHiND THE SCENES


Bollywood meets Hollywood

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Last night I got to be a part of a Bollywood meets Hollywood fundraising event. It was a night of fun and craziness – too bad I couldn’t stay for the whole thing. The bf’s parents are in town and we had a birthday dinner for his dad last night – so I had to jet out of the event as soon as I finished. Worked on 6 girls in 3 hours – not bad considering the details!

❤ my job.

Photos by me & Nelson Shen


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Diana and I met on a photoshoot gig with a modeling agency that we both work with (she’s the Hairstylist & I’m the Makeup Artist). We wanted to collaborate for a photoshoot and had so many things planned and in the end, traffic got the best of us. We didn’t give up though, instead we had the fastest photoshoot ever. We were fighting against nature (and the sun) — did 4 looks in 1 hour! We were both running around like crazy women and had people staring at us from all angles. It was fun! =)

Model, Hair, & Makeup by Diana L.
Hot pink lips & Photography by Jeannie Tran

Location: Stoner Park in West LA

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extra, extra

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My first time being a “real” extra. I’ve been extras in the movies that I did makeup for, but never went on set JUST to be an extra.  It was for a commercial for LA Tourism and was shot at Universal Studios. They fed us AND gave us alcohol (which I didn’t drink anyway – I’m allergic, go figure). We had a freaking blast! I wish all extra work could be that easy and fun!

my fotd (face of the day)

on set.

to seize the opportunity, melissa & i decided to have our own little photoshoot. =)

walking off the red carpet, candid shot.

fotoshoot fun

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We both got this dress at f21 for under $10 – what a steal, huh? We love the multi-patterns on it. It was hot & sunny out so the lighting wasn’t very good, but we managed to find a few good spots.

Model & Styling: Melissa

Photographer: Jeannie (me)

Location: West LA

dRESS: f21, sHOES: f21, jACKET: INC, nECKLACE: f21

wing it

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Love the winged look on others (esp. on the runway), but usually not on myself. That doesn’t keep me from trying though! I’m going to keep wingin’ it until I perfect it!

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Revlon Fantasy Lengths


These are the products/brushes that I used for this look. Product on top, applied with on bottom. Started with Banila’s SPF moisturizer all over face, then Sally Hansen/Carmindy foundation applied with the beauty blender sponge, NYX concealer in a jar to conceal all blemishes, Sephora duo eyeshadow – dark brown to fill in brows, MAC paintpot in ‘painterly’ all over the lid, highlight brow with Ten Beauty’s “sand,” lipliner & CO Bigelow minty lipgloss, Canmake’s multi colored blusher, Prestige liquid eyeliner, MAC shadow in “earthly riches” & Revlon Fantasy Lashes in “intensifying”

IMG_2724 IMG_2728 IMG_2742

1) fresh face  w/moisturizer                                       2) foundation                                           3) eyebrows filled

IMG_2758 IMG_2776 IMG_2794

4) all over shadow                                           5) with gloss                                                    6) add blusher

IMG_2805 IMG_2808

Revlon sent me these eyelashes to try. The pair I tried were the Revlon Fantasy Lengths lashes (self-adhesive) – I was weary about using self-adhesive lashes because I just feel that it won’t stick on as well as when you glue them on, but I figured I’d try anyway. The cool thing is that this pack came with a little plastic eyelash applicator which helped in keeping the lashes down and as close to the lash line as possible. The instructions are easy to read and wasy to follow. The lashes are even clearly marked with “L” and “R” so you know which lash goes on your left and which one goes on your right (there is a difference!) The shorter end of the lashes should follow the inner corners of your eyes because that is where your lashes are shortest and the longer end matches up with the outer corner because you want that long, voluptuous look.

I wore these lashes for about 5-6 hours and they stayed on fine, just a bit of the inner corner came up and bothered me for a few seconds, but I was able to quickly stick it back on.

The cool thing is, it comes with an extra adhesive that you can stick your lashes onto easily so you can wear them twice for sure! I’m thinking that if you take good enough care of them (and don’t put mascara) on them then you could try it for a 3rd time without adhesive, but with glue instead. That’s not recommended by Revlon, but hey it doesn’t hurt to try to stretch it out for another use!

tokyostargirl gives this product 4.9/5 stars****

IMG_2811 IMG_2822

Revlon Fantasy lashes applied alone (with no eyeliner)

IMG_2860 IMG_2829

applied with eyeliner to fill in the spaces – also used an eyelash curler to blend together my real lashes and fake ones


close up shot


makeup look complete!

IMG_2908 IMG_2901

dress: shop in taiwan, jacket: h&m, tights: shop in tokyo, boots: kangol

Shibuya 109

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The famous Shibuya 109 building – girls, girls EVERYWHERE. I’ve been here countless times, but never had the guts to take photos (since most of the stores in Tokyo don’t allow it) – but since I’m leaving soon, I wanted to be able to share with you all who have never been able to experience crazy shopping in Tokyo – how shops here look. Shoes, clothes, bags everywhere – 7 floors of madness. It wasn’t too bad when we went because it was a weekday, but on the weekends = sale = CRAZINESS!!!!!!


:: melissa modeling the cutest apron that we BOTH ended up buying!!! ::

click on “more” for more! =)


melissa in translation

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My friend, Melissa, is in town visiting me now. We are aiming to take “fashion” pics everyday. Tokyo has so many great spots to shoot! =) This is right outside my apartment.


IMG_8799 IMG_8807

HER – black jumper: aziz, white capsleeve v-neck tshirt: wetseal, brown woven belt: forever 21, ankle wrap sandals: bakers, bag: the sak


ME – tube dress: on the streets of Bali, white tank: Harajuku, slip: Ross, grey flats: Taiwan night market

Fashion Rules You Can Break

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Go ahead, you can do it – BREAK THE RULES!


THE RULE – Don’t mix patterns and prints.
BREAK IT – This rule may have spared a few retinas back in the ‘70s and ‘80s when designs were oversized, abstract and sometimes jaw-droppingly ugly. Current patterns echo much older motifs and are classic rather than crass. Try matching the dominant color of two different patterns, or pair an oversized print with a miniature one. A neutral-hued plaid coat over a delicate floral blouse looks timeless.


THE RULE – White shouldn’t be worn in the autumn or winter.
BREAK IT – This edict should’ve been revoked at the close of the Eisenhower administration, and yet the whispers continue. We’re no longer obligated to don hat and gloves before leaving the house, so why hang on to this antiquated guideline? Cheer up the gloomy months with all shades of white in substantial fabrics like wool, cashmere and chunky cable knits.


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