last minute

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This year I wasn’t planning on doing anything big for my birthday, just wanted a kickback, relaxing one – which I got, thanks bf! Last minute I thought it would be a good excuse to get a few friends together for dinner. We went to Tahoe Galbi (all you can eat korean bbq – totally recommend this place!) and then to the Loft (and this one, too!) after for dessert. It was definitely good times! Thanks to all these soldiers who came out just for me on a Monday night – last minute. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Ai’s LA Photoshoot

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My beautiful friend, Ai, who is truly like a sister to me visited me for the holidays from Japan.  If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may recognize her. When I first moved back to Japan in 2007, she let me live with her for 3 months while I was searching for my own place. During those 3 months, we did everything together and she even graciously let me use her pretty face for makeup looks.

We wanted to do a photoshoot while she was in town. My bf was supposed to take photos for us, but he got sick so I played Photographer as well as Makeup Artist for her. =) It’s easy when you have an awesome model to work with!

Makeup & Photography by Jeannie (me)

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i am lucky.

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My awesome friends that live in Japan, Ai & Yuta totally made me cry when I opened my email and saw this — how freakin’ amazing are they?? I miss them so much! I am so thankful to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends.

I love you guys!  No matter how far apart we are, you guys are always near and dear to me!

Copy of CIMG1312

Copy of CIMG1313

Copy of CIMG1314

Copy of CIMG1315

Copy of CIMG1316

Copy of CIMG1317

Copy of CIMG1319 ,

Copy of CIMG1322 Copy of CIMG1323

Copy of CIMG1326

Copy of CIMG1328

Do you know what it says?

Looking at these make me miss the four seasons in Japan –  Fall is gorgeous!

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girls night {out}

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my la bff  – maria, has been the best at making me feel at ease in LA – here we are: first night out in LA at the SLS hotel

friends forever

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Thuy (left) & I have known eachother since we were 3. We met at the church that we grew up in. She was my very first friend — 25 years later, we are still friends, can you believe that? We sang together in our church choir and fought over the leading role. She was the first friend I ever talked to on the phone.Though the years, she has been there for me no matter how many miles apart we lived. She promised to visit me in Austin when I was attending university, she had 5 years – she showed up on my graduation day, hey she came. We’ve been through our fair share, but in the end we will love eachother forever. Who is lucky enough to be friends with someone since the tender age of 3 and manage to keep in touch with them throughout their entire lives? We are.

Danielle (middle) & I have been friends since 3rd grade. We spent many of our days playing together. I have fond memories of us going to eachother’s houses. Her and her family took me in with open arms and I became their Asian sister. She instilled the beauty of baking in me (although the first time I tried it alone, under her care – it was disasterous. Of course it wasn’t her fault though – I’ve come a long way since). Thank goodness! Even if we lose touch for awhile, we always find a way back to eachother. She makes me laugh now the same way she did then. It’s as though time hasn’t passed — we’ve gotten older on the outside, but we still act like little girls when we’re together.


friends since elementary…  ❤