smoke & dirt

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Photographer: Max Hoell @

Model: Brandi Bondoc with LA Models

Makeup & Hair: Jeannie @


a little bit of bronzer never hurt anyone

Hi Friends!
Sorry it’s been awhile since I last posted – this is my first post in the new year [a little late, I know]. Hoping 2011 brings great things, in your world & mine!

Here’s a simple, yet lively look I did the other day. I put a horrible before pic up – yikes, but you won’t be able to know how well the makeup covered unless I did, right?


1) BEFORE [right after I got out of the shower, I always get red spots]


2) Moisturized with Cerave face lotion, then all over coverage with Pur Minerals in Medium & Tan mixed


3) EYES : MAC “Painterly” paint pot all over lid, Sephora brown duo eyeshadow on lash line,  “Maxigrade” black tube mascara from Japan, & Maybelline “Define a Brow” in dark brown to fill in brows


4) CHEEKS : NARS “Sin” blush, E.L.F. bronzed bronzer, & Canmake highlighter


5) LIPS : Sephora lipliner in “Native Nude” w/ MAC lipglass in “Nymphette” on top


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creepy doll

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before                                                                                                        after


Nurse Joker & Creepy Doll

Alice in Wonderland

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Makeup Artist & Photographer – Jeannie Tran

Designer – Tai Collins & Celes of Sassi Rebel

Location – Hollywood Dance Center [Hollywood, CA]

Date – 10.23.10


Jai Lauren as ALICE

Alice                                      vs                                   Malice


Alexis as a FLOWER


Sunny as STAYNE


for more photos, go here.

LA Fashion Week

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Last night I got to be a part of LA Fashion Week – the show took place at Siren Studios in the heart of Hollywood. I worked on 6 girls who modeled for 2 different lines. Below is my take on the makeup looks the designers wanted.



LOOK: thick eyebrows, black smokey eyes, light blush, & nude lips



LOOK: colored smokey eyes, slight winged liner, light blush, & natural lips


Designer, Via w/her models (I did 3 of the girls’ makeup)

Hairstylist, Diana & Makeup Artist, Jeannie (me!)

Hello Art, Meet Fashion

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date.  10.09.10

location. J Lounge in DTLA

hosted by. Blended Events

mua. Jeannie Tran

sponsored by. wet ‘n’ wild cosmetics


Jean-Claude Photography

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The other day I posted some before/after photos that I took of Sarah as I was waiting for the pro photos by Jean-Claude to come in – well here they are! Images from the 3 different looks that I did on her.


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A 1920’s inspired collaboration

Makeup Artist: Jeannie Tran

Hairstylist: Jey (Jream Styles)

Photographer: Jennifer Ilene

Location: Downtown LA


model: MELISSA

model: KAT

model: ALANA

model: MARIA


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Photographer: Jean-Claude, Model: Sarah, and Makeup & Hair: Jeannie (me)

got together and did a photoshoot – these photos are just before/after photos taken by me, the photos taken by Jean-Claude will be posted as soon as I get them. Jean-Claude and I have been talking about getting together to shoot for awhile and we finally had the chance! Sarah drove almost 2 hours to get to us, but Jean-Claude is THAT good – so it’s worth it. =) We shot different looks in his home studio and was ready to head towards the beach for some outside shots, but the weather took a turn and we had to cancel that part. =( Here’s just a teaser of the different looks that we shot…




Look #1 – Makeup: Soft & Natural to bring out all features

Hair: Naturally straight

Look #2 – Makeup: Slightly darker eye, darker lip – up a notch

Hair: Naturally straight w/a lil bit of product to smoothen it out

Look #3 – Makeup: teal eyeliner to bring out her eyes, lighter lip, peach blush

Hair – Soft curls


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Diana and I met on a photoshoot gig with a modeling agency that we both work with (she’s the Hairstylist & I’m the Makeup Artist). We wanted to collaborate for a photoshoot and had so many things planned and in the end, traffic got the best of us. We didn’t give up though, instead we had the fastest photoshoot ever. We were fighting against nature (and the sun) — did 4 looks in 1 hour! We were both running around like crazy women and had people staring at us from all angles. It was fun! =)

Model, Hair, & Makeup by Diana L.
Hot pink lips & Photography by Jeannie Tran

Location: Stoner Park in West LA

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extra, extra

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My first time being a “real” extra. I’ve been extras in the movies that I did makeup for, but never went on set JUST to be an extra.  It was for a commercial for LA Tourism and was shot at Universal Studios. They fed us AND gave us alcohol (which I didn’t drink anyway – I’m allergic, go figure). We had a freaking blast! I wish all extra work could be that easy and fun!

my fotd (face of the day)

on set.

to seize the opportunity, melissa & i decided to have our own little photoshoot. =)

walking off the red carpet, candid shot.

chinatown photoshoot

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Location: Chinatown (Downtown, LA)

Model & Makeup: Jeannie

Photographer: Melissa

Project: birthday

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I wanted to do something bold with my makeup for my birthday this year… celebrating my last year in my 20’s… ahhh – I can’t believe it! At least I still have enough guts to paint my face like this and go in public.. =)

Lips: mixed OCC lip tars – Anime, Feathered, & Rx together to create this beautiful purple

Lip tars are the BOMB – I LOVE them! They stay on and look so smooth on and you can play around with the colors. I have about 8 of them, mostly in the primary colors, but with those – I can create all different shades. You can purchase them here for $12.50 each. The tubs are .27 fl oz, but will last forever.


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July 4th look


On July 4th, the bf and I went to 4 different parties. We started with no plans and ended up having so much fun! Thanks to everyone who invited us out!

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Makeup Ideas for Summer

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11 Meltproof Makeup Ideas for Summer


1. Take Time to Prime.

The key to long-lasting foundation and color is the most commonly skipped step: primer. Seriously—the stuff works. All you need is a pea-size dot of a lightweight, oil-free formula; apply it to moisturized skin before your concealer and foundation. We like L’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Primers (they have three oil-free formulas for different skin types).

2. Be Dense.

Blemishes and blotchy skin don’t vanish in the hot weather, but the wrong concealer definitely can. What you want is a densely pigmented (but not liquidy) cream formula. Our pick: DuWop’s Circle Block. Use your ring finger to dab the concealer on dark circles; apply to red spots with a small brush, and then pat with your finger to blend the cover-up into the skin.

3. Switch to Silicone.

Wear a full face of foundation and you’re asking for trouble. Still, we get it—sometimes you want the coverage. The solution? A lightweight silicone-based formula. The silicone acts as a film between your skin and the humidity, preventing foundation from seeping into your pores or dribbling down your chin. We like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and CoverGirl Tru Blend Liquid Makeup.

4. Lighten Up.

Think of foundation this way: The less you put on, the less there is to slide off. A dampened makeup sponge is the ideal tool for applying it so that it goes on light and sheer. Put a few drops on a damp foam-latex sponge, and swipe it from the middle of your face outward in short strokes. Give it a minute or so to set before you apply other makeup.

5. Choose Creamy Shadows.

When sweat and powders mix, the result isn’t pretty. Sheer cream shadows tend to cake less in hot weather (plus, they glisten in the sun). Laura Mercier’s Satinée Crème Eye Color contains silicone that locks the color in place, and Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows stand the test of time without smudging.

6. Look to Liquid.

Liquid liner may take patience and practice, but once on, a good formula won’t budge or smudge in the heat like a kohl pencil can. We like Shiseido The Makeup Fine Eyeliner and L’Oréal Paris Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner.

7. Sweatproof Your Lashes.

Waterproof mascara is a no-brainer in the summer. It can withstand the office, the gym, the pool, and the bar without smudging. But some can fade to gray in a few hours. Our favorite inky sheens: Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara and Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara.

8. Flush With Greatness.

As with powder shadow, powder blush and perspiration don’t mix. Instead, rub a bright pink or coral cream or gel blush on the apples of your cheeks, and blend. We like Stila Convertible Color in Fuschia and Gerbera and Nars The Multiple Stick in Turks and Caicos and Beverly Hills.

9. Tint Your Lips.

Lip gloss just looks right come summer: It’s fun. It’s easy…. But it can also get runny and sticky in the sun. A tinted lip balm with a high wax content won’t turn to mush in your bag or on your mouth. We like Aveda Lip Tints SPF 15. Other good options are sheer lipsticks and stains, such as Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté Gloss Sticks and mark Kissink Lip Tintmarker.

10. Stop Shine.

To reduce shine and set your makeup, take a large fluffy brush (we like Sephora Professionnel Platinum Powder Blush #50), and dust a translucent loose powder across your T-zone. Because it’s colorless, there’s less of a chance it will cause problems in the heat, but use a light hand to be sure. We like Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish High Definition Powder; because it’s talc-free, it mattifies without feeling dry.

11. Blot It Out.

Instead of repowdering throughout the day—extra layers can cause cakey product buildup in warm weather—keep plasticky oil-blotting sheets at your desk and in your purse. Dabbed over your face, they soak up excess oil without messing up your makeup. We love Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets.

I saw these tips and thought it would be great to pass along – we all know we don’t want our makeup to melt off our faces this summer! Thank you, Allure!