Ai’s LA Photoshoot

Posted in fashion, makeup, mua, photoshoot by tokyostargirl on January 8, 2010

My beautiful friend, Ai, who is truly like a sister to me visited me for the holidays from Japan.  If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may recognize her. When I first moved back to Japan in 2007, she let me live with her for 3 months while I was searching for my own place. During those 3 months, we did everything together and she even graciously let me use her pretty face for makeup looks.

We wanted to do a photoshoot while she was in town. My bf was supposed to take photos for us, but he got sick so I played Photographer as well as Makeup Artist for her. =) It’s easy when you have an awesome model to work with!

Makeup & Photography by Jeannie (me)

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texas night out in ca

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Our dear friend, Margaret, who lives in NYC — came to visit us in LA with her bf. It was a Texas reunion! We went to a korean restaurant in Koreatown called Soowon Galbi Korean BBQ. It had plenty of side dishes and great tasting meat. The package deals come with A LOT. We ordered course A, supposedly enough for 5-6 people, but it fed 8 of us nicely.


EYES: NYX trio purple eyeshadows, Jane mineral paint pot as base, HIP eyeliner pot in teal



tank: GAP, scarf: Marnie Rocks, skirt: harajuku, tights: short cardigan: tokyo, Kohl’s, boots: ABC Mart in Shibuya

gene. viet. james. margaret. sang. jennifer. me. neal.

girl pic =)

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world’s prettiest panties

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I saw this at the train station one day in Tokyo and thought it was the funniest thing. I even tried going to find these panties, but the store was closed that day – darn! Just had to share this photo with you guys anyway!


shibuya nuts

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a night out on the town.. my first time pulling an all nighter out in tokyo since I’ve been back this year…

super fun dancing time with melissa & my dear friend yuta (not pictured)


our outfits…


our makeup looks…

summer stripes

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IMG_9383     IMG_9409

bringing the stripes in this summer.. don’t know if it’s really in or not, but it’s “in” in my book (or should I say ‘in my wardrobe’) got this cute peachy colored horizontal & vertical stripped shirt with pockets at one of my favorite shops in shibuya called ‘3 minutes happiness’ (yes you really do feel happy – though usually for longer than just 3 minutes!)

tried to make my makeup match my happy summer feeling.. you think it worked? =)

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Posted in just wanted to share by tokyostargirl on July 13, 2009

today is my birthday..

i celebrated the weekend in style….

what a lovely time spent with wonderful friends.

i love you, tokyo – nowhere will be even close. thank you to all those who made it possible.

just a thought – today is sunday, 28 years ago today i was born, on a sunday! (thanks, mommy!)

28thbirthday (55)


forever 21 (japan style)

Posted in fashion, introduction to places by tokyostargirl on July 10, 2009

The first ever Forever 21 in Japan opened at the end of April – I’ve been there countless of times, but never had the chance to take photos. While showing one of my gfs around town, I finally decided to. Sorry they aren’t the best, but they are the best I could do while taking shots from my purse. =)

“The massive (19,000 square-foot) new Forever 21 shop, the first ever in Japan, is located in a prime location right next to H&M on Meiji Dori – between Takeshita Dori and LaForet Harajuku.” read about the opening day here.

The clothes are very much similar to the Forever 21 in the US – and though some of the prices did get marked up, they are still decent. They also sell the “higher” end line of Forever 21 here where dresses are around $50-70 each. Each time I went, I came out with a tank and underwear – hmm.. I’ll try to change that up next time. hahaha. I guess I just never saw anything that really stood out and the crowd was always massive so I was just too lazy to go through it all.



located right near the famous Takeshita Street in Harajuku

click for more


green heels

Posted in fashion by tokyostargirl on June 29, 2009

Ever since living in Japan I know better than to wear heels. Imagine walking around the streets of Tokyo ALL DAY in heels – no thank you! I don’t know how the Japanese girls do it – I give them props for holding up (though most of them have become pigeon toed because of it)

After getting off of work early the other day, I decided to go to Harajuku to “just walk around.” Little did I know that  it would become my LUCKY day and I would randomly come across these beautiful heels (that happen to be the ONLY pair left AND in MY size!) When I saw them, I knew I had to have them (since I’ll be moving back to the US soon – I will be able to wear them, yay!) I looked down at the price tag and could not believe my eyes! $60 shoes down to $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY, NO HOW, YES WAY, it was MY DAY! Best deal ever. Hallelujah! =)


Tokyo Studio

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Model: Yuu – she has the best hair.

Photographer: Hilary

Makeup Artist: Jeannie (me!)

purples & blues

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img_7594    img_7622 

img_7628   img_7680

eyeshadows used from About Face – The She Space

:: the pic on the corner right is how my makeup looked when I got home that night – I didn’t retouch at all during the day ::



My friend and fellow blogger, Anh (pictured in the middle),  just arrived to Tokyo last night and my friend Ai and I took her and her husband for a traditional Japanese meal – their first meal in Japan!

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tokyo street fashion

Posted in makeup by tokyostargirl on August 27, 2008

I started a Tokyo street fashion blog. Please visit.

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