smoke & dirt

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Photographer: Max Hoell @

Model: Brandi Bondoc with LA Models

Makeup & Hair: Jeannie @

Bright Lights!

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Inspired by wind, COLOR, and lights…

Photographer:: Carmen Chan @
Art Director :: Beau Quillian @
Fashion Stylist :: Lauren Campanile @
Makeup Artist :: Jeannie Tran @
Hairstylist :: Lara Cilento @
Model :: Courtney B @ Vision Models

Boarding Now

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Inspired by the girl on the go…

Photographer:: Carmen Chan @
Fashion Stylist :: Lauren Campanile @
Creative Director :: Beau Quillian @
Makeup Artist :: Jeannie Tran @
Hairstylist :: Lara Cilento @
Model :: Courtney B @ Vision Models

Location: Downtown LA Studio

a little bit of bronzer never hurt anyone

Hi Friends!
Sorry it’s been awhile since I last posted – this is my first post in the new year [a little late, I know]. Hoping 2011 brings great things, in your world & mine!

Here’s a simple, yet lively look I did the other day. I put a horrible before pic up – yikes, but you won’t be able to know how well the makeup covered unless I did, right?


1) BEFORE [right after I got out of the shower, I always get red spots]


2) Moisturized with Cerave face lotion, then all over coverage with Pur Minerals in Medium & Tan mixed


3) EYES : MAC “Painterly” paint pot all over lid, Sephora brown duo eyeshadow on lash line,  “Maxigrade” black tube mascara from Japan, & Maybelline “Define a Brow” in dark brown to fill in brows


4) CHEEKS : NARS “Sin” blush, E.L.F. bronzed bronzer, & Canmake highlighter


5) LIPS : Sephora lipliner in “Native Nude” w/ MAC lipglass in “Nymphette” on top


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Photographer: Jean-Claude

Model: Marley Henkle

Hair & Makeup: Jeannie Tran

Location: Westwood & Marina Del Ray [Los Angeles, CA]


Video Lookbook

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Director: Marcin Teodoru

Model: Beverly Barnes

Makeup & Hair: Jeannie Tran

Location: Malibu, CA

Video Lookbook

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Director: Marcin Teodoru

Model: Gabriella Ethereal

Makeup & Hair: Jeannie Tran

Location: Malibu, CA

photo © Liza Lemsatef Cunningham 2010

Caruso Steam Rollers Review

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A couple weeks ago I asked for suggestions on the best hot rollers – some of my gfs suggested this:

I read up on the reviews online and majority were positive so I went for it. =)

Description taken from the Sally Beauty site

  • Includes 30 soft foam rollers in assorted sizes:
  • – 6 Petite Rollers
  • – 6 Small Rollers
  • – 6 Medium Rollers
  • – 6 Large Rollers
  • – Comb clips
  • – Styling guide
  • Exclusive Molecular Steam Haircare System – No salt required!
  • Non damaging steam conditions as it curls
  • Set curls in 5-10 minutes
  • Achieves the 30 second curl™ by blow drying hair first to evaporate moisture
  • Creates perfect spiral curls & waves

“The Caruso SalonPro 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter uses a revolutionary steam process to deliver long lasting voluminous curls while keeping hair shiny and static-free. The SalonPro features 30 rollers in 5 assorted sizes provide complete styling versatility for creating any of today’s hair styles, and non-damaging steam conditions the hair as it locks in curls. Caruso SalonPro 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter is great for all hair types, and will help you create healthy, strong, beautiful curls with added body and shine.

Soft foam rollers are infused with gentle steamed moisture. Hair is then wrapped on the infused roller and covered with a shield. The Patented roller and shield design creates even moisture penetration and allows airflow for quick evaporation, or speed the process with a hair dryer. Gentle moisture penetrates the hair’s molecular core allowing it to relax and bend. As moisture evaporates, hair is set in curled position. The molecular hold is so strong, it can only be released by shampooing.

Curls last for days and is great for all types of hair!”

MY REVIEW: It was fairly easy to use, although I felt that the foam part was cheaply made and could only imagine that after being used a lot, it would fall apart (you can get replacements for them, though). I bought distilled water and poured it to the line indicated and as soon as I plugged it in, the steam starting coming. I felt that it was a bit inconvenient since I had to steam one roll at a time. I only put it onto the steam for a few seconds and it was ready to go. It didn’t get THAT hot, so I never burned my fingers – thank goodness!

If I bought this for myself – I think it’s a good buy: easy enough to use and doesn’t damage your hair – creates great curls. The price is reasonable and fairly easy to purchase – either online at or any Sally Beauty Supply store. Since I bought it for my hair kit – when on set, I won’t have enough time to put each roller on the steamer and it would be troublesome to have to lug around distilled water for it. Too bad, because it is really light and could have easily fit in my hair bag.

tokyostargirl gives the Caruso Professional Pro-Set Steam Roller 4/5 stars. *


My hair BEFORE – please don’t judge my dry hair.

I started rolling at the bottom and made my way up throughout my whole head.


creepy doll

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before                                                                                                        after


Nurse Joker & Creepy Doll

Alice in Wonderland

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Makeup Artist & Photographer – Jeannie Tran

Designer – Tai Collins & Celes of Sassi Rebel

Location – Hollywood Dance Center [Hollywood, CA]

Date – 10.23.10


Jai Lauren as ALICE

Alice                                      vs                                   Malice


Alexis as a FLOWER


Sunny as STAYNE


for more photos, go here.


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Photographer: Jean-Claude

Model: Jennipher Foster

Hair & Makeup: Jeannie Tran

Location: Westwood [Los Angeles, CA]

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LA Fashion Week

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Last night I got to be a part of LA Fashion Week – the show took place at Siren Studios in the heart of Hollywood. I worked on 6 girls who modeled for 2 different lines. Below is my take on the makeup looks the designers wanted.



LOOK: thick eyebrows, black smokey eyes, light blush, & nude lips



LOOK: colored smokey eyes, slight winged liner, light blush, & natural lips


Designer, Via w/her models (I did 3 of the girls’ makeup)

Hairstylist, Diana & Makeup Artist, Jeannie (me!)

Hello Art, Meet Fashion

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date.  10.09.10

location. J Lounge in DTLA

hosted by. Blended Events

mua. Jeannie Tran

sponsored by. wet ‘n’ wild cosmetics


Autoshop Photoshoot

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I met Jimmy on a shoot awhile back and we always talked about collaborating again. Months later, we finally did it – and it was FANfReakiNgTABLOUS! He came up with the concept and wanted to shoot as his dad’s auto shop, he got us together — and organized everything. He was AMAZING! This shoot really put me on a high – our 8 hour work day paid off! =)

Another shoot is in the works…  wait for it!


Photographer: Jimmy Joe

Makeup Artists: Jeannie Tran & Krysten Clark

Hairstylist: Diana Lomelin

Location: Maldonado’s Auto Body Shop, Los Angeles, CA


click below for BEHiND THE SCENES


tsu bo mi

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Shot with a fashion line “Tsu Bo Mi” by Ayumi at the Bar Showroom in dtLA

Model: Chloe

Makeup & Hair: Jeannie